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"Creatures that by a rule in nature teach ..." - Shakespeare, Henry V            

The Edward J. Otten, MD Chair for Education in Emergency Medicine

Establishment of the Edward J. Otten, MD Chair for Education in Emergency Medicine will help provide yearly financial support for the Department of Emergency Medicine.  It is fitting that this Chair bear the name of Dr. Otten who has championed efforts for many years within the Department of Emergency Medicine.  He is deeply committed and has had an enormous impact on the health and well-being of our community. The endowment level to fund this Chair was reached in 2016.  Your donations, past and future, will support the delivery of healthcare in our community through this fund in honor of Dr. Otten.

Honor Roll of Donors to the Mel Otten Endowed Chair Fund

$100,000 Box Jellyfish Level
University Emergency Physicians
$50,000 Komodo Dragon Level
Richard C. Levy, MD
$25,000 Blue-Ringed Octopus Level
Andra L. Blomkalns, MD
Edward J. Otten, MD
$10,000 King Cobra Level
Steven C. Carleton, MD, PhD
Gregory J. Fermann, MD
William A. Fussinger
W. Brian Gibler, MD
Arthur M. Pancioli, MD
Steven T. Petrovic
Richard J. Ryan, MD
$5,000 Poison Dart Frog Level
Colonel and Mrs. Kevin A. Conry
Jerris R. Hedges, MD
Joseph J. Moellman, MD
$2,500 Scorpion Level
Elizabeth E. Leenellett, MD
Donald A. Locasto, MD
Christopher N. Miller, MD
Ali S. Raja, MD
Stewart W. Wright, MD
$1,000 Lion Fish Level
Opeolu Adeoye, MD
Malcolm S. Baxter, MD
Michelle H. Biros, MD
Denis Fitzgerald, MD
J. Gregory Frappier, MD
Dwight E. Helmrich, MD
J. Stephen Huff, MD
Edward C. Jauch, MD
Jay A. Johannigman, MD
Jin Kim, MD
Lisa L. Kiser, MD
Susan O. Kushman, MD
Daniel M. Lindberg, MD
Erin E. McDonough, MD
Jason T. McMullan, MD
Michael J. Schmidt, MD
Jon W. Schrock, MD
Brian A. Stettler, MD
David Tancredi, MD, PhD
Jonathan W. Van Zile, MD
Michael J. Willing, MD
Richard Wurtz, MD
Brian J. Zink, MD
$100-$999 Red Ant Level
James M. Alexander, MD
Jon Baldursson, MD
Todd S. Bolotin, MD
Aaron Bernard, MD
Jordan B. Bonomo, MD
Keith K. Burkhart, MD
Chad F. Byars, MD
Care IQ Group
Fred Cirillo, MD
Sean P. Collins, MD
Deborah B. Diercks, MD
Leslie R. Dye, MD
Frank Fernandez, MD
Anna P. Gensic, MD
Drs. Lucy and Paul Gibney
Diane L. Gorgas-Lahm, MD
Greater Cincinnati Health Council
Daniel A. Handel, MD
Jerris R. Hedges, MD
Jeffery, M. Hill, MD
William R. Hinckley, MD
Edmond A. Hooker, MD
Thomas W. Howard
Hulannie A. Jenkins, MD
Kevin J. Joseph, MD
Jennifer A. Kingsbury, MD
Cynthia Khoo-Robinson
William A. Knight IV, MD
Jean L. Kraft
Ms. Lauren Laker
Dustin LeBlanc, MD
Christopher J. Lindsell, PhD
Samuel L. Lubers, MD
Michael S. Lyons, MD
Raymond Moreno, MD
Robbie Paulsen, MD
David J. Peter, MD
Elizabeth Powell, MD
Judy M. Racadio, MD
Todd W. Roat
Conal D. Roche, MD
Sarah E. Ronan-Bentle, MD
Shawn A. Ryan, MD
Renee Salas, MD
Pamela Schmit, MD
George Shaw, MD, PhD
Diane E. Shoemaker
Adam A. Soliman
Ahren Staubitz
Steven L. Stephanides, MD
Scott A. Syverud, MD
Peter B. Toth, MD
Arthur A. Wall III, MD
Steven R. Ward, PA-C
Kristen F. Wilk, MD
Christopher Zammit, MD
$1-$99 Brown Recluse Level
Christopher Barczak, MD
Justin Benoit, MD
Patrick T. Birrer, MD
H. Thomas Blum, MD
Whitney K. Bryant, MD
Dustin J. Calhoun, MD
Brandon Conine, MD
James DeVries, MD
Brad A. Evans, DO
Baruch H. Fertel, MD
Craig M. Froehle, PhD
Kari Gorder, MD
Riley P. Grosso, MD
Kimberly Hart
Natalie P. Kreitzer, MD
Jan Labbe
Timothy Loftus, MD
Carla J. McTaggart
Jack Palmer, MD
Andrew H. Ruffner
Caitlin Schaninger, MD
Carol Smith
Matthew Sperling
Cristina G. Spinner
Jane E. Strasser, PhD
Alexander T. Trott, MD
Kay Vonderschmidt
D. Beth Wayne, BSN, JD
David Webster
Sarah Winston-Bush, MD
Trenton C. Wray, MD
Karen S. Wohlfeil

Why Are Endowed Chairs Important to the Long-Term Success of the Department of Emergency Medicine?

Attract Gifted Leaders Reward Excellence Signal New Directions Chairs Are Permanent Committed Faculty
The Department of Emergency Medicine conducts national searches to fill academic positions with faculty leaders who exemplify excellence and offer invaluable experience to students, patients, the department, the college, and the Academic Health Center. Such individuals are in high demand across the nation. Endowed chairs provide faculty salary enhancement and recognition for outstanding performance. The added financial support and recognition of an endowed chair provide an important incentive for talented professors to stay at the College of Medicine. While colleges actively recruit talented leaders from around the country, they remain acutely aware of the excellent professors who are already members of their faculty. Many of these individuals show extraordinary talent and promise. They are often approached with competitive offers from other institutions. Endowed chairs recognize and reward excellence within faculties. Establishment of an endowed chair in a particular department or field signals new direction for a college or a shift of emphasis to an area of future importance. An endowed chair demonstrates a commitment to a specific discipline and helps attract additional support. With faculty support, new programs or centers of excellence can be developed that greatly benefit patient care, education and research. Because chairs are endowed, they provide permanent support for educational leadership. With an endowment, the gift principal is never spent. Approximately 5 percent of the endowment's market value is awarded each year. Named chairs honor donors or organizations and provide enduring recognition. Endowed chairs help to attract and retain outstanding teachers, researchers and scholars. This will also allow the Department to continue to recruit the best and brightest fellows from throughout the nation; and it will have a lasting impact on the excellence of care provided in our community, the region, and the nation.